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Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Black Heart Label is an equality driven brand with campaigning at its heart. Founded in 2012 by Amal Fashanu in memory of Justin Fashanu, England’s first £1m black footballer, the brand aims to promote equality and justice through its signature ‘Black Heart’.


Through the black and white colour scheme, Black Heart Label campaigns to give everyone a voice to be who they truly are. 

Black Heart Label was born out of a summit in Downing Street led by David Cameron which our founder Amal was invited to. Discussing racism and homophobia in football at this panel, Amal was encouraged to bring her two passions, fashion and activism, together to create the brand.


Supporting others lies at the heart of Black Heart Label.

We aim to support and promote minority groups who do not have a voice, particularly within the football world.

Discrimination is increasingly pervasive in football and at Black Heart Label we aim to change that. This is a cause particularly important to us as the brand is in memory of Justin Fashanu, England’s first £1m black footballer who was also openly gay. 

Due to extreme racism, homophobia and discrimination on and off the football pitch, Justin committed suicide. Black Heart Label aims to prevent similar tragedies through their campaigning.